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Antler is the world's largest global venture capital firm specializing in early-stage entrepreneur support. Founded in Singapore in 2017, Antler now operates in 28 cities worldwide and has assisted over 3,000 entrepreneurs and more than 500 startups.

What distinguishes Antler from the investment styles of traditional venture capital firms is its support for entrepreneurs from "Day-1," even before the establishment or ideation phase, through the "Antler Cohort Program."

From team-building for founding members, refining business ideas, providing startup capital, aiding business expansion, to follow-on investments, we offer comprehensive support.

"We want to drive innovation and address societal challenges. We aim to create Japan-originated global corporations leading the era." Antler is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs with these ambitions.

Initiative details

In this venture, there are three primary initiatives that Antler will undertake. The first is to tailor our unique entrepreneurial support program, currently offered in 28 cities globally, specifically for students. The second is the launch of startup media aimed at students. The third is employment support for students in startup companies. Through these initiatives, our ultimate goal is to provide the best opportunities to future leaders of Japan, embodying entrepreneurship and fostering unicorn companies. As startups originating from Japan are also required to have global competitiveness, we believe it’s our responsibility as a global VC to offer such growth opportunities. Thus, in this venture, we will maximize the insights, data, and global network that Antler has gained through its entrepreneurial support in 28 cities worldwide, aiming to create student-led unicorn companies. Additionally, the student-focused program by Antler is planned to be executed around the summer of 2024. For more details, please check Antler’s various social media channels.

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