NON-eligibility requirements

(1) The stable operations of the selected entity is in doubt, such as, due to the filing of a petition for commencement of bankruptcy proceedings.

(2) The selected entity is in arrears, such as, of corporate business tax.

(3) The selected entity or other organization the entity belongs to or is affiliated with, nor its representatives, officers, employees or members are not associated with the organized crimes groups in accordance with Article 2 Item 2 of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Ordinance on Elimination of Organized Crime Groups (2011, No.54, hereinafter referred to as the Ordinance) or are members of the organized crime groups in accordance with Article 2 Item 3 and 4 of the Ordinance. Organized crime groups or members thereof are associated with the agreement or its initiative.

(4) The selected entity is engaged in amusement businesses as defined in Article 2 of the Act on Control and Improvement of Amusement Business (Act No. 122 of 1948), multi-level marketing, negative option, bait-and-switch schemes, spiritual sales, and is deemed not to be socially appropriate as a partner of the TMG.

(5) The selected entity has a history of fraud or other accidents in subsidized projects conducted by counterparts such as prefectures, wards, municipalities and public interest corporations.