Providing Various SUpport to Start Ups, from Tokyo

In November 2022, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced the formulation of “Global Innovation with STARTUPS” to lead the creation of a pro-challenge environment by developing startup support strategies that have never been seen before.

This project aims to strengthen Tokyo’s startup ecosystem which, in turn, promotes the creation and growth of startups by providing a wide variety of support through collaboration between the TMG and various entities as well as creating a community of startup supporters.


Project progress for each entity has been updated.
Information on calls for startups to participate in projects has been updated.
Details of each entity and their respective projects have been released.
50 entities selected! Website to be updated with details of each program and their respective applications.
Applications for this year’s project ended on July 31, 2023.
Inquiries for this year’s project ended on July 19, 2023.
Apply now for the online briefing session here
Applications open from June 20 for selected entities! (deadline: July 31)



Project Scheme


In order to achieve the goal set in the "Global Innovation with STARTUPS" of 10x10x10 (10 times the number of unicorns from Tokyo, 10 times the number of startups created in Tokyo, and 10 times the number of collaborative practices by the TMG in 5 years), this project will establish a mechanism to support the implementation of various initiatives by a wide variety of entities.


The TMG will accept applications to select entities who, in collaboration with the TMG, will provide initiatives to enhance the local startup ecosystem.
The “selected entities” will work with the TMG and other selected entities to provide a wide variety of support to startups and prospective startups for 1.5 years, utilizing their ideas, network, platforms and other expertise.

Support provided by the TMG

The TMG will provide payment to the selected entities based on results of the initiatives implemented by the agreement signed between the two parties.
The final amount of payment will be determined based on the results of the evaluation committee consisting of third-party experts on the achievement of the KPIs and initiatives set by the selected entities.

Project Process

Project Process

Outline of Application by Selected Entities


The TMG will accept applications from entities to provide support to startups in collaboration with them.
Please refer to the application guideline for further details. *available only in Japanese

Application Details


Agreements will be signed with 50 entities, 10 of which will be selected as priority areas.


The agreement lasts from the date of signing to March 31, 2025.


Up to 50 million yen, or up to 100 million yen for priority areas.

Priority Areas

The following areas are designated as priority areas (areas including the below combined with others are also included).

  • Entrepreneurial areas utilizing seeds of universities and public/private research institutions, such as deep tech
  • Youth areas, including the creation and nurturing of young entrepreneurs, such as university students
  • Female-related areas, including the creation and nurturing of female entrepreneurs and fem tech
  • Global areas, such as inbound and outbound support

Main Application Requirements

  • Selected entity (to sign the agreement)
  • The applicant must be a legal entity in Japan*
  • *International entities are to cooperate with Japanese entities or establish a legal entity by the signing of the agreement
  • The applicant must be deemed socially acceptable as a partner of the TMG
  • Contents of the proposal
  • Initiatives must have novelty in the content or target
  • Startups to be supported must meet certain conditions including voting rights held by the entity

Application Schedule

Briefing Session

Briefing for this project will be available online.
If you wish to participate, please register here.
The administration will send you the link to the video separately.


Project overview, application requirements, perspectives for review, payment, project schedule, etc.


Video is open to the public until July 31, 2023


Questions regarding the project can be sent to administration via the contact form within the project website.
The deadline for receipt of questions is July 19, 2023.
The FAQ within the website will be updated with the questions provided.

※Reception has ended.

Application Period

Tuesday, June 20, 2023 ~ Monday, July 31, 2023 JST

Selection Process(tentative)

Selection consists of 2 stages: document review and presentation review by a review committee consisting of external experts. The presentation review will be conducted for applicants who have passed the document review and will be held in early September. Details will be provided separately to applicants who have passed the document review by administration.
Document review: Mid-August
Presentation Review: Early September
Notification of results: Mid-September