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Relic Inc. is a business co-creation company that aims to democratize innovation. We support our clients to develop new business opportunities and innovation capabilities. To realize our mission, we provide three services: The first is a unique SaaS/platform specialized in new business creation support, the second is an all-in-one total solution for new business development and innovation creation, and the third is open innovation through joint business development/JV launch and venture/start-up investment. These three services that we provide come together to form a business co-creation platform. We have a record of supporting above 20,000 new business development for over 4,000 companies, regardless of industry, ranging from large companies to small and medium-sized companies as well as startups.
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Initiative details

With the knowledge and experience gained through supporting above 20,000 new business development for over 4,000 companies, we will start a Startup Studio designed for continuous creation and development of student startups. Our vision is to solve issues currently faced by students who aspire to start a business, such as high economic risks and constraints and lack of reversibility and diversity of innovation when assuming funding from VCs, and to realize a society where all students with challenging spirit to confront with innovation through appropriate processes, grow as innovators, and achieve their own visions. This program is designed to be “Entrepreneur-First” to solve the three challenges (lack of reproducibility, diversity, and reversibility) the current startup ecosystem face. Through TOKYO SUTEAM we aim to create and develop 10 student startups.


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