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Ridilover Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 with the philosophy of "breaking down society's apathy" and later became a corporation. Currently, in addition to running an educational travel business and corporate training business that takes junior high and high school students and business people to the sites of social issues, we are also involved in business development with private companies to solve social issues, and policy planning projects with ministries and local governments. In the 14 years since our establishment, we have taken advantage of the fact that we have dealt with more than 400 types of social issue themes, and by leveraging our experience in nurturing social entrepreneurs and working with impact investment funds, we will create startups that solve social issues.
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Initiative details

This project aims for a Tokyo where “social entrepreneurship” and “startup creation” are commonplace in the careers of science undergraduate and graduate students after graduation. Targeting science students with technical or specialized fields, we provide a program that provides comprehensive support for business construction, demonstration, and financing through on-site observation of social issues. As a top runner on social issues, we have a network and relationships with leading businesspeople and investors. We will use our networks and relationships to conduct business demonstrations in Tokyo, a microcosm of Japan, and assist in the creation of businesses that utilize technology and research that have the potential for overseas expansion. We welcome applications from university students, graduate students, and technical college students who are interested in solving social issues using technology and research. Let’s work together to create a business that spreads around the world from the field of social issues.


KPIs & Achievements

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Outcomes / As of March 31, 2024

*1 * The percentage of students from the '1.5-year business partnership-supported teams' and 'student teams participating in problem exploration' whose entrepreneurial intentions have increased (measured before and after the provision of the support program)
*2 : Tokyo Metropolitan Government officials who have indicated a desire for some form of collaboration or business consultation (measured after the completion of the final report meeting)

Outputs / As of March 31, 2024

*3 : Determination of student teams with expertise in relevant technologies or specialized fields to progress to the business idea creation phase, following the acceptance of applications and document screening
*4 : Advancing the selection process, including organizing a selection event, to determine the five teams eligible for 1.5-year support in the mentoring program
*5 : Implementation of continuous mentoring support, including regular sessions, for each participating student team from the business idea creation phase onward in the mentoring program.

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