Life Science Innovation Network Japan (LINK-J)

Life Science Innovation Network Japan (LINK-J)
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LINK-J is a Tokyo-based non-profit organization aiming to create life science clusters in Japan and to connect ecosystems domestically and globally.

LINK-J was founded in 2016 and is headquarted in Nohonbashi, Tokyo, which is within the close proximity to Tokyo station at the center of the capital city.

Since its inception, we have steadily expanded our network both domestically and internationally, and now LINK-J has over 700 member organizations (as of September 2023) including major pharmaceutical companies, resaerch universities and local governments in Japan as well as life science startups.

LINK-J organizes various community activities such as networking events, seminars/lectures, workshops and mentering services. In 2022, over 800 events were held by LINK-J and its affiliated members.

We are also expanding our reach into the global stage to connect life science startups in Japan with global communities, and vice versa, through (a) activities such as "Japan Night"events at major global conferences (JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, BIO International and BIO Europe etc.) and (b) facilities such as "LINK-J Lounges" at UCSD and NYC in the US.

With its growing network within Japan and with global life science ecosystems, LINK-J is the ideal gateway for you to connect with your future partners globally.

Initiative details


To build a startup ecosystem that grows and expands itself by building organic connections between Tokyo and the UK ecosystems.


[Overview of Program]

Support life science startups to enter the UK, the center of the European market, as an entry point for further overseas expansion.



(1) Mentoring and business development support by UK-based mentors

(2) Exhibition & Travel support for BIO Europe and other opportunities

(3) Promotion support utilizing the LINK-J platform


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