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Unicorn Farm Inc. is a company with the mission of becoming the engine that creates new industries. It is led by Masayuki Tadokoro, the author of the book “The Startup Science,” who serves as the CEO. The company supports startups and new ventures.
For startups, Unicorn Farm offers mentoring services that run alongside them based on highly replicable methods, targeting the Seed and Series A phases, as well as the Startup Advisor Academy for CXO development. Additionally, they operate a Startup Entrepreneurs School.
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Initiative details

– Overview of the Initiative We will launch an entrepreneurship program called “Startup University,” which systematically teaches entrepreneurship mindset and knowledge while encouraging action. Targeted primarily at business professionals aspiring to start their own ventures, this 3-month program, including evening online lectures, workshops, and mentoring, will be conducted in 6 batches between October 2023 and March 2025. Participants will not only learn methods and know-how but also develop a systematic understanding of the mindset and knowledge required to work in startups.


– Vision and Ultimate Goals of the Initiative

Our aim is to broaden the base of talent involved in startups, including entrepreneurs, startup employees, investors, and more. We also aspire to establish the “Science Startup” methodology as the defact standard of startups and expand the number of successful startups.


– Strengths and Assets Utilized in this Initiative

1. Extensive mentoring experience in government agencies, including seven consecutive years at the ASAC, run by Tokyo Government Organization.

2. A team of mentors trained through the Advisor Development Program, consisting of serial entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and experienced founders.

3. An operational experience of “Startup Entrepreneurs School” membership organization for

4+ years. 4. Expertise in curriculum design and program management gained through participation in multiple acceleration programs such as B-SKET and SME Challenge projects.

5. A network of numerous entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs due to the recognition of “Startup Science”, a book sold 250K+ copies.


– Sorcing Method and selection criteria

We will sorce participants online. Commitment to participate in the entire program is key selection criteria.

Selection criteria are based on following  

– level of interst  

– level of readiness  

– level of commitment.


– Enthusiasm for this Venture

Our founding vision was “to create 1,000 unicorns”.

Currently, we aspire to become “the engine that creates new industries.” With over 6 years of experience in startup and new business support, we are in sync with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “10x10x10 Innovation Vision” and contribute to the expansion of Japan’s startup ecosystem.


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