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Mirai Studio, Inc. and Kosen Career, Inc. have the concepts of “We become the first co-founders for entrepreneurs’” and “We’ll turning KOSEN students into more challengers.”
Our company have a lot of members with backgrounds as entrepreneurs and investors,
we support start-ups in their foundation and product/business development. We also manage a community of KOSEN students and alumni.
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Initiative details

“Kosen Career Entrepreneurship Club” will work on two points: supporting the start-up of engineering entrepreneurs and solving the shortage of engineers in the start-up.

Our approach is based on our experience in providing career education to KOSEN students and product/business development support to start-ups. And we’ll also promote cooperation with several regions to further expand and grow the start-up ecosystem.

Please feel free to contact and join us!


KPIs & Achievements

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Outcomes / As of March 31, 2024

*1 : People who increased their awareness of entrepreneurship, startup participation, and entrepreneurship before and after events, etc.
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Outputs / As of March 31, 2024

*2 : Hold seminars and other such events to support student-entrepreneurs at universities, technical colleges, and other such facilities throughout Japan.
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