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Venture Café Tokyo, which started in Boston, is all about 'Connecting Innovators To Make Things Happen.' This global community gathers a diverse group of innovators, providing them with transformative programs to unleash innovation for the broader society.One of our main initiatives is the 'Thursday Gathering' held every week at CIC Tokyo in Toranomon. Expanding across five pivotal locations in Japan — Tokyo, Tsukuba in Ibaraki, Nagoya, Gifu, and Osaka — it stands as the nation's biggest innovation community platform with close to 100,000 visitors.

Initiative details

COMMUNITY CAMPUS of Global Entrepreneurship

~ Harnessing the power of Japan’s largest innovation community to provide everyone with the opportunity to become a global entrepreneur ~


The ‘COMMUNITY CAMPUS of Global Entrepreneurship’ is an entrepreneurship education program open to everyone. It positions individuals globally, promoting growth as entrepreneurs who pursue opportunities despite uncertainties and resource constraints.




Practical Entrepreneurship Education: Directed by Yasuhiro Yamakawa, the Executive Director of Venture Café Tokyo and an educator at the #1 entrepreneurship institution, Babson College, where he teaches ‘Entrepreneurship.’ This program accelerates participants’ entrepreneurship with cutting-edge educational methods. Participants will form teams and go through the entire process of business creation based on the knowledge acquired in the program. Outputs are primarily in English, fostering a global perspective and capability.


Open Enrollment to All (*): We firmly believe in the power of diversity and await participation from varied individuals. The course is planned in both Japanese and English. Whether you are someone unsure of where to start your entrepreneurial journey or someone with an idea looking for opportunities to refine it, everyone is welcome.


Collaboration with Japan’s Largest Innovation Community: The program is set to be held at CIC Tokyo on Thursdays, coinciding with the Venture Café Tokyo ‘Thursday Gathering,’ which attracts 400 innovators every week. By attending the ‘Thursday Gathering’ before or after the program, the participants of COMMUNITY CAMPUS can further accelerate their learning by effectively networking and receiving feedback. Moreover, the participants can also benefit from mentoring opportunities from the vast and experienced network of Venture Café Tokyo.


*Note: There will be a selection process for participants.


KPIs & Achievements

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Outcomes / As of March 31, 2024

*1 : EFC - Entrepreneurship Foundation Course
*2 : GEC - Venture Growth Essentials Course
*3 : CC - Community Campus

Outputs / As of March 31, 2024

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