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Plug and Play Japan is the world's leading accelerator/venture capital. We are a global innovation platform headquartered in Silicon Valley, 40+ leading companies of each sector participate in our programs as official corporate partners. Our major expertises are ""support corporate partners creating innovation"", ""cross-industrial accelerator programs"" and ""startup investment"", making best use of our extensive global network. Plug and Play Japan supports the co-creation and collaboration between Japanese/international startups with innovative technology/idea and industry-leading corporations enabling them to generate innovation. For further information, please visit our website.

Initiative details

In the biotech field, despite the fact that there are many promising academic seeds in Japan, especially in Tokyo, the potential has not been fully realized due to the gap between the needs of major pharmaceutical companies and academic seeds, lack of knowledge on how to commercialize research on a global scale, lack of human resources for management, and other issues. This initiative will focus on the current status of biotech (biotechnology). In this initiative, the following three efforts will be made to address the current issues in the biotech (drug discovery and medical) field:

1. Mapping of biotech startups and technology seeds (DB creation) and startups and formation of a community of supporters (major companies, VCs, universities)

2. Implement a consortium-type accelerator program for biotech startups and technology seeds, involving major pharmaceutical companies.


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