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Creating the beyond next society; enabling exceptional people solving global challenges
Beyond Next Ventures, Inc. is an independent venture capital firm dedicated to tackling global challenges with cutting-edge science and technology innovations in Japan and India. Through collaboration with researchers and entrepreneurs, we drive the real-world adoption of groundbreaking deep-tech solutions. As lead investors in early-stage deep-tech startups, we provide comprehensive support for their growth. Beyond our traditional VC role, we work on building a robust ecosystem for deep tech pioneers. This includes running incubation programs focused on expediting the practical application of research breakthroughs and nurturing talent, including the formation and development of management teams, and managing a shared wet lab in urban centers that streamlines R&D efforts for innovators. We also focus on promoting business collaboration between Japan and India.

Initiative details

This program is designed with the goal of enabling Japanese researchers/scholars who are making a mark on the global stage, to venture into the creation of deep tech unicorns with international competitiveness. To drive the successful commercialisation of research and development projects and foster startups that can make a significant impact on the world, a spirit of entrepreneurial challenge and access to cross-border technology and networks are indispensable.

Through this program, Beyond Next Ventures aims to create opportunities for world-renowned Japanese researchers to actively participate as founding members in practical projects derived from their research, thereby realising the vision of ‘Researchers at the forefront of society’.

However, it remains a challenging situation where there are limited opportunities for fostering the entrepreneurial mindset among Japanese researchers and involving them in the early stages of startups. This program is dedicated to addressing this issue by offering increased opportunities for researchers to embark on the path of Startups.


Key Program Components

1. Internship Program

Objective: Gain an understanding of and acquire experience in startups through hands-on experience in deep tech startups.

Overview: Participants will primarily engage in up to 6 months of internship at deep tech startups in Japan, contributing to activities such as the company’s global expansion and network development with collaborators. Location: Primarily conducted online.

Duration: Anticipated from April 2024 to September 2024.

Target Participants: Approximately 30 individuals (selected through applications and screening).

Financial Support: Envisaged stipend of around 10,000 yen per day.


2. Entrepreneurship in Action Program

Objective: Aimed at solving societal challenges, this program focuses on conceptualising businesses by utilising research and development seed ideas.

Overview: Participants will form entrepreneurial teams led by researchers and receive support from mentors and experts. They will actively leverage external networks to build scalable business plans.

Location: Online and occasional in-person events in Tokyo (approximately 2 events).

Duration: Anticipated from October 2024 to March 2025.

Target Participants: Approximately 10 individuals (selected through applications and screening).

Support: Planned provision of approximately 3 million yen per participant as activity expenses during the program.

*Participants have the option to join either or both of the above programs (1. and 2.).


Individuals residing overseas, including scholars and international students, who have an interest in deep tech startups. Whether or not you currently have a seed idea or business plan is not a determining factor.

How to Apply:

Please use the pre-registration form at []. The official entry form will be made available soon.

Program Implementation:

This program is conducted by Beyond Next Ventures Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as BNV), a partner organisation in the “Startup Support Expansion Project Involving Multiple Stakeholders” initiated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government []. It is operated in collaboration with tayo Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tayo) and the United Japanese Researchers Around the World (UJA), a general incorporated foundation. Beyond Next Ventures Co., Ltd. []

Tayo Co., Ltd. []

UJA []

Contact: For inquiries, please reach out to []


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*1: Internship Program provided by Japanese based deep-tech startups to gain an understanding of and acquire experience in startups through hands-on experience in that

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