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HAKOBUNE Inc. is an independent venture capital firm that provides seed investment to the mavericks and outliers within organizations. We prioritize investing in the “changes” that create new trends and hallmarks of the times. Based on this concept, we assist entrepreneurs in the following three sectors:

1. Services that address the apparent challenges in each industry sector (Vertical SaaS/B2B domain).
2. Services that foster new values and cultures (toC/ESG/Web3.0 domain).
3. Services that utilize cutting-edge technology to make a significant impact on the world (featuring advanced technologies such as AI, 5G, MR, etc.).
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Initiative details

・Project Overview

Japan has been lagging behind other countries in the IT sector, having produced very few unicorn companies that are globally active in this domain. One reason behind this situation is the scarcity of entrepreneurs who aspire to global expansion from the outset and the lack of initiatives utilizing Japan’s strengths. In this project, we aim to foster unicorn startups originating from Tokyo that leverage Japan’s cultural strengths for global expansion, as well as nurture role model entrepreneurs in global business development. We also plan to increase the number of young, adaptable individuals taking on challenges. Specifically, we will ① support global expansion in sectors showcasing Japan’s cultural strengths (such as entertainment IP, food, and tourism), ② support the growth of entrepreneurs in the environmental, energy, and climate change sectors who have the potential to take initiatives globally, and ③ facilitate the creation of startups (with academy workshops) as model cases based on the efforts of ① and ②.


・Vision and Ultimate Goal of the Project

Our ultimate goal is to have at least one Tokyo-originated unicorn company acting as a role model and over 20 startups aiming for rapid growth and global expansion within the next five years. As Japan has already entered a phase of population decline, it is imperative to create cases of successful global expansion to revitalize the industry. This project seeks to establish model cases where Japanese startups build and grow businesses in a global competitive environment.


・Strengths and Assets to be Utilized in this Project

HAKOBUNE possesses a wide-ranging network engaged in investments in startups, business collaborations, and open innovation within Japan, enabling us to support business matchmaking and achievements. Furthermore, we have a robust startup network, leveraging our experience in managing a community that supports entrepreneurs during their foundation phase (offering prior case studies, and soliciting advice from veteran entrepreneurs). We will conduct entrepreneurial support using the aforementioned assets in this project.


・Method and Criteria for Startup Selection

For incubation support, we select entrepreneurial candidates who meet the following three criteria: “pre-startup phase,” “aspiring to global expansion in the future,” and “startup-oriented”. For growth support, we select from those that HAKOBUNE has invested in during the seed stage. The selection criteria are based on two main axes: 1) companies that are operating in areas that utilize Japan’s cultural strengths (such as entertainment IP, food, and tourism) or those capable of taking initiatives in the environmental, energy, and climate change sectors overseas, and 2) companies aiming for global expansion within the agreed period. We plan to select about 5 companies that meet these criteria.


・Commitment towards this Project

This project is a challenging initiative for HAKOBUNE, and we are dedicated to taking on the global challenge alongside the entrepreneurs we support. We are actively seeking comrades to join us in this endeavor, so please feel free to reach out at any time!


KPIs & Achievements

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