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NEXTBLUE is a venture capital firm that invests in startups in Europe and Japan, bridging both markets. The newly launched second fund will be the first fund in Asia to focus on women's wellbeing. We aim to achieve significant returns through investment in the area of women's wellbeing, which is currently untapped despite the growing pains and needs of women as they become more active in the workforce, and we will also work with the fund's investors to develop DEIB (Diversity Equity Inclusion and We also aim to create a social impact to improve women's wellbeing in Japan as a whole through the realization of DEIB (Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging) with the cooperation of the fund's investors.

Initiative details

We are launching the “Tokyo Startup Ecosystem Globalization Project” to bring startups operating in the area of women’s wellbeing from Europe to Japan.


Specific details of the project are as follows

Market research phase:

– Market research on necessary permits and licenses, user trends, competitive situation, etc. when expanding in Japan

– Implementation of POC with our LP’s employees as users

– Pre-proposal for collaboration with local production and wholesale partners in Japan

– Obtain cost estimates and examples of marketing initiatives in Japan

Japan branch launch phase:

– Product localization support

– Preparation for adoption

– Introduction to local production and wholesale partners in Japan

– Project management support for collaborative projects

– Introduction of PR and marketing companies in Japan, etc.


We would like to build successful case studies through this agreement so that Tokyo can be chosen as the first step for Western startups to expand into Asia.

We feel that Asia is struggling to attract global startups due to its unique characteristics. We hope that NEXTBLUE can be a part of this effort.


KPIs & Achievements

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Outcomes / As of March 31, 2024

Outputs / As of March 31, 2024

*1 : Tests conducted to understand whether the product is suitable to the Japan market by actually selling the product/solution

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