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Japan Research Institute, Limited (JRI) is a “knowledge engineering” company under the fundamental principle of "co-creation of new customer value.” JRI offers comprehensive, high value-added information services through the coordinated application of its three functions consisting of information systems, consulting, and think-tank. For startups ecosystem development, we have contributed to the design of startup policies through support deep tech startups, university reforms, and the establishment of multiple local startup ecosystems hubs across the country, collaborating with various government bodies such as the Cabinet Office, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology., actively contributing. Additionally, we launched the "Incubation & Innovation Initiative" in February 1, 2016, as a cross-industry consortium aimed at promoting the commercialization of cutting-edge technologies and innovative business ideas that form the foundation of Japan's growth strategy, further bolstering our commitment to startup support.

Initiative details

What we do

JRI provides the Tokyo Technology Commercialization Program (TokyoTCP) with GAP funding, aimed at nurturing pre-startup teams and seed/early-stage deep tech startups (DTSUs) in Tokyo. TokyoTCP leverages the technical assets of universities, research institutions, and companies in Tokyo.

Through TokyoTCP, JRI is committed to:

1. Foster Deep Tech Entrepreneurs: We provide training and support for entrepreneurs in the deep tech sector, assisting them in their journey from concept to funding.

2. Expand the Talent Pool: TokyoTCP generates interest in DTSUs among university students, young entrepreneurs, researchers, and doctoral candidates, broadening the talent base in the deep tech field.

3. Support Ecosystem Enablers: We also focus on developing supporters and enablers within the deep tech ecosystem.


Our Vision and Goal

Our vision is that for Tokyo to become the center of a world-class deep tech startup ecosystem. We aim to continuously attract new researchers and technology seeds from universities and research institutions around the world. These assets will converge in Tokyo and be transformed into successful businesses within the ecosystem. These businesses will not only thrive locally but also expand globally, creating startups with a high social impact.

As the first step towards realizing this vision, we are committed to uplifting all stakeholders involved with DTSUs in Tokyo. We will actively work to enhance the capabilities and opportunities for DTSUs based in Tokyo, laying the foundation for Tokyo to emerge as a global powerhouse in the deep tech startup space.


Our Strengths and Assets

Our initiative draws upon a wealth of strengths and assets accumulated through our extensive experience in the field:

1. Incubation and Acceleration Expertise: We have a strong track record in forming and managing one of Japan’s largest incubation and acceleration programs, “Mirai,” in collaboration with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation from 2016 to 2020.

2. NEDO Partnership: Over nine years, from 2014 to 2022, we have conceived and operated the NEDO TCP program, technology-based startup support program by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). This experience has allowed us to build a robust network of mentors and program management know-how in the DTSU field.

3. Industry Leadership: Project Leader, Hironobu Azuma, serves as a judge for various influential roles in the startup ecosystem, including J-Startup recommendations, NEDO’s DTSU programs, and the AMED Drug Discovery Venture Ecosystem Enhancement Initiative. His direct involvement and mentoring support contribute significantly to TokyoTCP’s effectiveness.


Recruitment Methods and Selection Criteria for Supported Startups

In selecting DTSUs for support, we employ the following criteria and methods:

Pre-Startup Stage: For teams that have not yet started their businesses but show potential for growth through support, we consider candidates who align with programs such as NEDO’s NEP Pioneer Course, NEP Growth Course, or JST START. We assess their potential to be selected for these programs through their future endeavors. Seed and Early-Stage DTSUs: For DTSUs that are already established but require support to advance to the next stage, such as fundraising, we select startups with the potential to benefit from programs like NEDO’s DTSU initiatives. We prioritize those with the potential to make a significant impact and to be selected for these programs.


Our Motivation to the Initiative

We are thrilled to be part of fostering numerous deep tech startups. We always welcome inquiries from universities, research institutions, and all stakeholders in Tokyo. We will have seminars and workshops for researchers, faculty members, and students regularly. Above all, we encourage everyone to embrace the spirit of innovation and challenge. Together, let’s propel Tokyo’s deep tech startup ecosystem to new heights!


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