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In Venture Builder, we provide an environment to support entrepreneurs who have a regular job to be able to pursue entrepreneurship on the side. We control the risks and failure factors that tend to occur in the early stages of the entrepreneurial process, and in so doing provide an environment to enable entrepreneurs to focus on taking on new challenges.
All sorts of risks and difficulties are inevitable during the initial phase of startups. Through the Venture Builder Service, entrepreneurs can take on the challenge of building a new business from within a corporate environment while still receiving financial returns when the startup business succeeds.

Initiative details

– Overview  

Product-out Incubation Program for All Engineers


– Goal  Through this project, we can accumulate and systematize incubation knowledge, and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government distributes such knowledge to increase the number of incubators.

By sharing such knowledge with incubators, entrepreneurs will have various choices, resulting in the expansion of the Japanese startup ecosystem.


– Features  

We provide ;  

– validation fee for a feasibility study about JPY 5 mil,  

– supports regarding business strategy planning, establishing a company, capitalization strategy, etc. as if we were co-founders of entrepreneurs. also, we retain an opportunity to invest when a startup is established.


– Target and the way to entry

This target is all engineers that can develop and launch services/products by themselves. We will announce the application form on the web in winter 2023.


– Message  

We aim to launch 5 products and establish 2 startups.


KPIs & Achievements

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