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The engineering entrepreneur training school "G's ACADEMY", operated by Digital Hollywood Co., Ltd., was established in April 2015 with the concept of "BECOME A GEEK TO CHANGE THE WORLD".
Over 102 startup entrepreneurs, including photoruction, Sukedachi, KAMINASHI, COSOJI, and GACCI, have been born, raising a total of over 13.7 billion yen in funds.
The curriculum is designed for beginners. Students selected through the IQ & IDEA entrance examination study programming intensively for six months, and with the guidance of mentors, they complete their original product.
We have bases in Harajuku, Fukuoka, and Sapporo, and support students build teams by offering features like the post-payment tuition system, 5 million yen investment function, and an attached co-working space.
Recently, we have been involved in nurturing new digital businesses (intrapreneurs) for large corporations such as Mitsubishi Corporation and Tokyu Construction. In addition, we provide entrepreneurship education for high school and university students to various municipalities and other organizations.
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Initiative details

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new 6-month dedicated education program for women looking to take on new challenges: the “ADA Course” (Amazing Digital Acceleration COURSE). We plan to start offering two classes at convenient times tailored to fit various lifestyles from February 4th, 2024.


This course is named in honor of Ada Lovelace, a 19th-century British noblewoman and mathematician who was the world’s first female programmer. Throughout her tumultuous life, Ada remained steadfast in her pursuits, and we’ve named this course with deep respect for her dedication. We envision this course as a platform for women embarking on new challenges.


The DEV course from G’s ACADEMY, which has produced numerous engineers and entrepreneurs, has been revamped to be more accessible to women, with a program tailored specifically for them, and will be provided free of charge.


Participants will rapidly acquire digital skills in a bootcamp format and will materialize and realize the diverse ideas that women envision, as well as the societal challenges they face, into apps and products.


In our “Programming Classes” aimed at equipping participants with skills to venture into entrepreneurship, students will learn:

• Introduction: Environment setup, HTML/CSS

• Front-end: JavaScript

• Server-side: PHP/SQL, Laravel, and DB design

Empowering them with the capability to create products.


Furthermore, in our “Support Curriculum exclusively created for Beginner Entrepreneurs” in the ADA course, participants can attend:

• Roundtable discussions with female entrepreneurs, visions of the future of technology, business planning, primal experience workshops, well-being ideathons

• UX design, UI design

• Entrepreneurship lectures (business models/capital policies), designing PR strategies

• Global Women’s Conference



Through this curriculum, we aim to build a community, expand the horizon of entrepreneurship tenfold, and pave the way for the emergence of the next unicorn startups originating from Tokyo.


KPIs & Achievements

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Over the past 8 years, G's ACADEMY has produced 103 entrepreneurs. While we have nurtured numerous female entrepreneurs, what sets them apart is their unique perspective. Many female entrepreneurs, driven by their distinctive viewpoints, embark on ventures that address societal issues previously overlooked, resulting in exceptionally unique and compelling businesses.

Recognizing the potential of business ideas and products born from the perspectives and ideas unique to women, G's ACADEMY, in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, has established the "ADA COURSE", an exclusive program for women. This program aims to empower aspiring female entrepreneurs by imparting the skills of turning ideas into business plans and mastering programming to bring those ideas to life.

Through the "ADA COURSE," we provide comprehensive support for the cultivation, production, and assistance of female entrepreneurs who can wield the dual strengths of business planning and programming to effect positive change in the world.

Having released information and commenced recruitment on November 2, 2023, we received an overwhelming response with reservations from individuals exceeding four times the capacity, within one-third of the anticipated recruitment period of one month from the start of recruitment. Subsequently, through document screening and interview evaluations conducted in December of the same year, a total of 46 students were selected for admission.

The entrance ceremony for the first participants of the ADA COURSE will take place on February 4, 2024. We would appreciate it if you kept a close eye on the achievements and development of these 46 participants who are poised to make a significant impact and contribute to changing the WORLD.

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