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TSUCREA Co., Ltd. is a startup incubator, aiming for improving the standards of entrepreneurship within society. This encompasses aspects like startup, continuity and growth rates. We work closely with entrepreneurs, offering support and growing alongside them. Operating 18 incubation facilities across Japan and conducting various accelerator programs worldwide. We also actively participate in entrepreneurship education, invest and collaborate with startups.

Partner entities

>Technology Seed Incubation Co., Ltd.
Technology Seed Incubation Co., Ltd.

Initiative details

We collaborate with partners from four Southeast Asian countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, providing startup support in both inbound and outbound directions. In this program, we conduct seminars, mentorship, pitch events, accelerator programs, and offering subsidies for travelling expenses. We have a contact point where participants can easily seek advice on overseas expansion related matters, and we also strive to discover and support startups with the global mindset.


KPIs & Achievements

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Outcomes / As of March 31, 2024

Outputs / As of March 31, 2024


Activities from October to December 2023

Japan Connect Initiative (JCI) is a joint effort between Tsucrea and TSI, designed to support inbound and outbound startups in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Singapore, with the aim of building a sustainable cross-border ecosystem in Tokyo - Southeast Asia.

JCI provides various support such as seminars to acquire knowledge essential for conducting business in the target country, covering aspects like the business environment and laws. Additionally, the program offers regular consultations to ensure tangible results, business matching support, and so on.

【Inbound / SEA Program Stream】

The inbound program application opened on November 13, 2023. Starting from October, we diligently worked on preparations; we selected reliable local partners and made attractive brochures and a website. Furthermore, a series of introduction seminars were successfully held in local countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam from December 5 to December 8. The introduction seminars not only provided an overview of the program but also explained the Japanese market, and helped participants deepen their understanding of the Japanese market. From each country, approximately 20 to 30 participants attended, resulting in increased applications for the program.

【Outbound / Japan Program Stream】

In preparation for the application open on May 1, 2024, we are making brochures and a website. In addition, we are selecting mentors with rich experience. Moreover, we are organizing seminars to provide valuable insights into the markets, laws, and cultural aspects that individuals interested in the program should be aware of when doing business. Although the application is not open yet, we are diligently working on preparations to ensure that all participants feel confident and well-prepared for a successful overseas expansion.

【SEA Program Stream Company Information】

Neeuro's vision is to develop innovative products that empower people to live happier, healthier and more productively through the use of neurotechnology (EEG hardware), gamification (software apps) and artificial intelligence (insights into the brain).

Sequential addresses the rising skin concerns spurred by urbanization and cosmetics, pioneering cosmetic and pharma innovation.

Our solution tackles monitoring challenges by introducing cutting-edge video analytics.

HelloWorld Robotics pioneers autonomous last-mile delivery solutions, utilizing self-driving ground-based robots for food and grocery platforms.

SmartPeep addresses the global caregiver shortage, especially in countries like Japan, by offering an AI elderly-sitter system.

Blitz is a data-driven 3rd party logistic enabler where enterprises in Indonesia utilising electric vehicles and artificial intelligence for our deliveries.

Our online platform offers local businesses a solution to sell surplus and imperfect produce at a 50% discount during specified windows, preventing edible meals from turning into food waste and supporting affordability for a wider audience.

We offer a transparent, disruptive and AI-integrated platform for the mass affluent users so that they can easily and seamlessly invest in diversified assets.

Activities from January to March 2024

【Inbound / SEA Program Stream】
Eight startups from Southeast Asia have been selected at last, and the acceleration program has begun. The program offers support such as master class, mentoring sessions, hands-on interviews, and matching interviews. A Demo Day for eight selected startups will be held on the 16th of April, so we are also preparing for that.

〇Master Class〇
The sessions covered essential topics for entering the Japanese market, including Japan’s business environment, regulations related, scale strategies, and recruitment practices. The series of nine seminars covered a wide range of topics that would be useful for entering the Japanese market.

〇Mentoring Sessions〇
Mentors, who are experts in various fields, continue to provide advice to startups based on their business domains and stages, regarding the basic approaches to entering the Japanese market. Here are the mentors with diverse backgrounds.

【Outbound / Japan Program Stream】
In preparation for recruiting Japanese companies starting in May, we held a total of four introduction seminars. These seminars covered recent topics and trends in Southeast Asia, providing explanations of the current situations in each country (Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore). In April, we are going to hold an overseas expansion seminar (accelerator program briefing session), so we are preparing for that as well. Not only events but also individual consultations are being held as needed.

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