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Social-X, Inc. is a company that provides support for the planning and operation of the " Reverse Proposal between private and public " series, a new business development platform for public-private co-creation. Social-X Inc. plans and operates the "Reverse Proposal between private and public" series, a public-private co-creation new business development platform, and supports business development with a focus on solving social issues.
Our " Reverse Proposal between private and public " ( reverses the vector of the conventional public proposal mechanism to enable a high-quality "meeting method" while aligning the co-creation perspective of companies and local governments. This has allowed us to implement PoC through co-creation eye line alignment. As a result, startups that have experienced "Reverse Proposal between private and public" have gained significant social credibility, improved investment environment, and opportunities for lateral expansion of their services. As a concrete example, a medical startup we have supported so far has realized the benefits of the PoC: "Conducting a PoC with a local government has increased credibility and attention, increased inquiries from VCs by 6 times, increased media inquiries by 3 times, and had a positive effect on hiring.
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Initiative details

●Outline of Initiatives We will provide a public-private co-creation acceleration program that combines financial benefits and social returns for startups. Specifically, the program will include training, pitch events, mentoring, workshops, municipal arrangements, municipal project accompaniment, and impact evaluation.


●Strengths and assets to be utilized in this initiative We launched a novel service called ” Reverse Proposal between private and public ” ( This service reverses the vector of the conventional public proposal system, and solves the “nonconformities” faced by companies that want to solve “social issues” and local governments that want to meet with companies while ensuring “fairness”. To date, 14 projects have been set in motion and more than 20 local governments have been involved, creating good examples as mentioned above. We will increase the number of startups that are able to focus on strategic returns based on the “Reverse Proposal between private and public” mechanism.


〈Our Strengths and Assets〉

1 Open innovation mechanism based on public-private co-creation

2 Abundant relationships with local governments

3 Database of social issues

4 Knowledge and experience/track record for social returns

5 Support for businesses that solve social issues by dispatching co-creation personnel on behalf of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

6 Information dissemination through in-house media


●Method and criteria for recruiting startups for support 

We expect that seminars will be held without focusing on specific startups. For the Acceleration Program, a scheme is designed to hold two pitch events, a preliminary round and a final round, and to provide more advanced support to those who pass each of the two rounds. For both the preliminary and final rounds, a judging committee consisting of outside experts and the secretariat (our company) will be established. The judging criteria will include the selection of startups with an awareness of factors related to social returns, with a certain level of business potential as a major prerequisite.


●Enthusiasm for this project The government has declared in its Basic Policy that “efforts to solve social issues themselves will be an engine of economic growth. In addition, it has recently been reported in various media that overseas VC firms are making investment decisions based not only on financial returns, but also on the social impact of their projects. Even under such circumstances, many existing acceleration programs focus on maximizing financial returns, and support for social returns is not as generous as it could be. Social-X Inc. has a track record of supporting new business development by companies and governments based on public-private co-creation (public-private open innovation). We have received recognition in various fields, including the Good Design Award (2020) and the Cabinet Office’s SDGs platform for regional development as an excellent example (2023).


Social-X hopes to provide a new acceleration program that can support even social returns based on public-private co-creation, something that has been weak in conventional acceleration programs, based on our services, strengths, and assets.


KPIs & Achievements

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Outcomes / As of March 31, 2024

Outputs / As of March 31, 2024

*1 : Evaluation of the social impact of PoCs conducted by Startups in co-creation with municipalities

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