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Over 12 years, the 01Booster Group has aimed to transform Japan by supporting 100+ enterprises. Using this network, 01Booster Capital, a venture capital, founded the "01Booster Capital 1st Fund" in June 2022, invested in 14 startups, with two pursuing spin-offs. We consistently offer investment opportunities and support continuous innovators.
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Initiative details

Tokyo is pursuing a visionary strategy, aiming to 10x the number of unicorns originating from Tokyo within five years. We resonate strongly with this strategy. There are untapped talents and assets in enterprises within Tokyo, and these resources are crucial for the goals set by Tokyo’s strategy. As part of the 01Booster Group, we have supported over 100 new businesses in our 12 years of operation. Moreover, 01Booster Capital leverages various networks to invest in startups, including spin-offs and spin-outs. We intend to utilize our insights and experiences to amplify the number of companies soaring from Tokyo to the global stage by 10x. We firmly believe that advancing these initiatives alongside Tokyo will create a more significant impact. If there are enterprises or entrepreneurs wishing to let their assets take flight globally, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


KPIs & Achievements

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Outcomes / As of March 31, 2024

Outputs / As of March 31, 2024


1.SPIN X10 Official Website Launch

Please check the program details and register your application.

2.Kickoff Event Held (11/28)

The event was attended by 53 people on-site and 41 people online. We had presentations from distinguished speakers such as CEO Uchiyama of Unerry, Executive Officer Oka of TIS, Representative Director Mizuno of the General Incorporated Association Future Creation, CEO Matsumoto of ABAKAM, and Representative Partner Okuyama of Spinout Capital, who discussed the potential of spin-offs. The content of the day was also featured in multiple media outlets, and details can be found at the following link.

3.Selection for the First Cohort is Underway

Currently, we are conducting interviews with nearly 20 companies. Every day, we are amazed to learn about the incredible activities carried out by companies such as automobile parts manufacturers, cosmetics companies, medical firms, airlines, food producers, and construction firms. We plan to select around 10 companies for the first cohort and commence the program.

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