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Shimizu Corporation is an international general contractor, founded in 1804. In addition to the core construction business (building construction, civil engineering), Shimizu engages in four main non-construction businesses : Real Estate Development, Engineering, LCV (Life Cycle Valuation), and Emerging Frontier Businesses. In addition to its ¥10 billion startup investment facility, the company is also actively pursuing partnerships and collaborations with startups, including the accelerator program named SHIMZ NEXT.

Partner entities

>adlibwoks inc.
adlibwoks inc.

Initiative details

●Outline of initiatives 1. We collect a large number of business ideas from entrepreneurs and technologies and seeds held by universities and research institutes, and use generative AI to streamline test marketing. Accelerate commercialization decisions and extract superior business plans for the next generation. 2. Promote technology implementation for startups by using the “city” itself as a POC field. In particular, prototyping can be conducted in Shimizu Corporation’s new innovation center, NOVARE. 3.Shimizu Corporation’s overseas startup ecosystem will be utilized to receive feedback from overseas even before the seed stage.

●Vision and ultimate goal of the project We aim to create a Tokyo where startups and the city are in harmony, and where technology can be used to continuously update the city without difficulty. 1. By expanding the base of startups in Tokyo, we aim to realize a society where anyone with ambition can start a business. 2. By increasing opportunities for public-private collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we aim to realize “a society where everyone in the city can benefit from technology. 3. Realize “a society where everyone can interact with each other beyond national borders” by creating startups that take on overseas challenges and grow large from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

●Recruitment Method and Criteria for Supported Startups  【How to recruit startups for support?】 (1) Organize ideation workshops on a regular basis. Expand the circle through referrals, and maintain a community of entrepreneurs. (2) Establish a special page on “triven®︎,” a matching website for entrepreneurs, to recruit people from all over Japan who wish to start a business in Tokyo. (3) Other startup-related events including industry-academia collaboration, etc. 【Selection Criteria for Supported Startups】 1.Novelty of the business: Is it something that has not yet been proposed to the world? If there is a precedent, analyze it, and see how the problem or issue can be solved from a new perspective. 2. Business feasibility: How much management resources does the entrepreneur have at this stage? 3. Sustainability of the business: Evaluation of the number of users, repeaters, frequency of use, expected growth of users, probability of failure in the future, and other factors related to monetization. 4. Contribution to social issues: Will it have an impact in the future and how many people will be made happy? 5. Enthusiasm of the entrepreneur: the entrepreneur’s expressions, facial expressions, readiness to answer questions, etc. ||

●Enthusiasm for the project We are a unique combination of a general contractor with numerous assets and connections and a startup with the knowledge to create a startup from an idea. We believe that it is necessary to provide the infrastructure necessary to start a business and to create an environment in which startups can grow and develop before they are ready to launch or in the early stages of their idea. To create such an environment, it is important to have “strong centripetal force” to gather startup seeds and support from all over the country, and “high commitment” to transform ideas into reality. We are confident that we can do this, and we intend to expand our activities after the term of the agreement to become an indispensable community for startup support in the metropolitan area.


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