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The Elements Co, Inc. focuses on someone's "experience" and "uniqueness" that cannot be captured accurately on the Internet, precisely because we live in an age of information overload and AI can instantly process a vast amount of information. We strive to make our society better by digging into and connecting those undiscovered values. To this end, we are working on two specific areas: a media business to communicate the "experience" and "uniqueness" of individuals, and a community management business to connect individuals through this media business and creates new value.
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Initiative details

If Japan were to be compared to a village of 100 people, it would consist of 26 elderly and 7 challenged people. Under an agreement with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, The Elements, Inc. aims to develop startups that tackle problems of and seek to work out solutions to the “society with the elderly and challenged” that Japan is facing ahead of the rest of the world. To this end, we are developing a media and community project “Inclusive Hub.”

① We launch a platform where we portray the “experiences” of the elderly and the challenged and how they live their daily lives with challenges they face (

② We organize a community (invitation only) to bring together experts who can take advantage of their “experiences” as a solution to the problems of the elderly and challenged with the aim of creating new businesses.

We are looking for those elderly and challenged people who are willing to tell us about your own experiences, and challengers who tackle the issues of the “society with the elderly and challenged” with a variety of experts. Please contact for more detail.


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