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CIC Institute is dedicated to supporting the growth of Deeptech related startups in Japan that can achieve global success in collaboration with national and local governments, universities and like minded organizations. The new business unit of CIC has been created to build on the success CIC Tokyo has had working with national, regional and local government entities, universities and the private sector, and connecting them with entrepreneurs to ignite innovation.

Initiative details

The CIC Institute offers a program called the Global Pitch Stadium, where startups can pitch in English and hone their skills. Here, startups are not only given the opportunity to pitch to overseas investors and partners, but also provided with training opportunities to improve their English pitching skills. Many of the pitch events are themed around deep tech, and the program aims to propel startups towards global success.


KPIs & Achievements

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Outcomes / As of March 31, 2024

Outputs / As of March 31, 2024


Global Pitch Stadium activity report (2023 Oct - Dec)

1. Summary
This program offers English pitch training programs and hosts English pitch contests specifically designed for startups. During Oct. - Dec., 2023, we scheduled these events, compiled a list of startups, identified judges and potential pitch coaches, conducted interviews, and made preparations for the pitch events.

2. Schedules

1) Pitch training:
・Conduct twice in 2024, with approximately 6 participating companies each time.
・Provides researchers and entrepreneurs opportunities for English pitch training.

2) English pitch basic course:
・ Conduct four times in 2024 (April, June, November) and 2025 (January), with around 6 companies each time.
・ A contest for beginners seeking opportunities to pitch in English. ¥100,000 will be awarded to the winner.

3) English pitch advanced course:
・Conduct four times in 2024 (May, September, December) and 2025 (February), with around 10 companies each time.
・A contest designed for advanced participants aiming for international expansion, offering both English pitch opportunities. ¥1,000,000, support for overseas travel will be awarded to the winner.

4) PR:
・Organize events to invite startups eligible for this program and announce the details.
・Identify potential startups for the program.

Figure 1. Schedule Draft

3. Announcements and listing startups
1) Announcements at events
We noticed the program to participants the following English pitch opportunities:
● Blockbuster TOKYO English Pitch Event
(Life Sciences, November 24, 2023, and December 13, 2023)
● Global VC Meetup (Environmental Energy, November 16, 2023)

2) Listing of target startups (regularly updated)
We have listed startups eligible for this program based on information from past startup supporting programs.

4. Listing and interviewing for potential judges
We are compiling a list of potential judges for each pitch event, considering individuals with overseas business experience and expertise in specific fields. We conduct interviews with these candidates to explain the program's objectives. (Ongoing)

5. Preparation for the pitch event
In preparation for the application on the event starting from February, we have finalized the recruitments, application forms, and evaluation criteria.

SU Support Info

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