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Co-LABO MAKER, Inc. is a Tohoku University venture company that operates "Co-LABO MAKER", a research resource sharing platform that supports flexible research and development by matching researchers who wish to conduct research and development with laboratories that have research resources.
By using our service, resource providers, such as universities, can obtain funding, collaborators, and research results by utilizing the facilities, human resources, and technology they already possess. Companies, as users, can utilize external R&D resources (laboratories, equipment, and human resources) quickly and inexpensively to advance their research and development, even if they do not have the equipment or technology themselves. In addition, by coordinating with us on technology and contract terms and conditions, we can significantly reduce the time and effort required to place and receive orders related to R&D.

Initiative details

We are committed to “Establishment of startup PoC infrastructure by providing lab network and PoC support functions”.

Currently, SU’s technology areas are diverse, and it takes a lot of effort to build a network and acquire support functions. Furthermore, venture capital firms, accelerators, and others lack the functions and networks to support SU’s PoC, making PoC too time-consuming and costly.

To address this issue, we provide a dedicated deep-tech SU support plan by networking with VCs, accelerators, public institutions, large corporations, and other entities that provide support to SUs. We will work through the supporting entities to help SUs with their PoC and help more SUs move to the next stage.


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