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Gaiax Co.Ltd. is a start-up studio founded with the mission of "Empowering the people to connect - connecting people.
Believing in a future society where people naturally help each other by connecting people's thoughts, we are developing businesses using social media, the sharing economy, and web3/DAO.

As a startup studio that continuously creates businesses, we provide thorough support from the pre-startup phase, from new business idea generation to growth.

We provide support from all angles, including business development, engineering, back office, and fundraising, and continue to produce many young entrepreneurs to this day.

Furthermore, through a business model that encourages existing business units to become independent, and through investment and nurturing in companies established by Gaiax graduates and startups outside the company, several companies have already been listed on the stock market.
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Initiative details

We will establish a new incubation platform “FAIL UPWARDS STUDIO” for students and young people under 25 years old to increase the probability of success in entrepreneurship through repeated experiences of “failure and pivot” and friendly competition.


We will foster a culture in which the number of business development attempts and the nature of the failures are praised, no matter how many times they fail, and create an environment in which young people can take on the challenge of entrepreneurship and create startups simultaneously.


Participants will be provided with as many opportunities as possible to create and validate their ideas. We will also cover some of the costs of the challenge. In return, we will ask other participants to share their learnings at FAILCON (Failure Sharing Conference) when their business succeeds or fails. By sharing their entrepreneurial experiences, individual learnings can be turned into overall learnings, and participants can gain experience as entrepreneurs by repeating the challenge over and over again.


Application Method and Adoption Criteria Applications are accepted through the website.


・Idea generation stage: Document review

・Verification stage: Document & Interview screening


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