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Endeavor is a non-profit organization dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurs to the mid and long-term growth of the global economy and generate employment opportunities. Promising entrepreneurs undergo a selection process and mentoring; once selected, they have the opportunity to gain access to financial assistance, employment support, and valuable referrals.

Endeavor Japan was established in 2017 to expand Endeavor's activities in Japan.
Our greatest asset lies in our extensive network locally and internationally. At present, there are approximately 3,000 mentors participating in Endeavor as a whole, and we are supporting 76 unicorn companies.

Initiative details

Utilizing Endeavor’s network, offline sessions will be held, inviting unicorn entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from Japan and abroad. By meeting entrepreneurs who have actually founded unicorns and investors who have invested into it, we provide an environment where program participants can find a more realistic path to global expansion and eventually become a unicorn themselves. In addition, an online platform will be developed to provide communication tools and various sources of information where participants can learn and grow together. We will also provide a forum for networking and workshops with special guests and opportunities to acquire the information and contacts necessary for global expansion. A large summit will be held in 2025.


Participants must meet the following criteria.


– Have the intention of starting a business or an entrepreneur in the early stages (we do not exclude entrepreneurs who are willing to learn the basics even if they are already in the growth stage)
– Willingness to expand overseas.
– Willingness to become a unicorn company.
– Must be located in Tokyo or have plans to do so in the future.


For those who are serious about becoming a unicorn through Endeavor’s projects and can actually see the process of growth, we are ready to provide support in mentoring, funding, partnering, and employment. Join us in our program to become a unicorn from Tokyo and make an impact on the world!


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