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eiicon Co., Ltd. operates one of Japan's largest open innovation platforms, AUBA, and provides hands-on consulting specializing in open innovation (OI).
We support commercialization through OI assistance tailored to the business phases of companies and program operations for local governments.
We provide fully customized support from strategy formulation, system development, search for co-creation partners, incubation, and commercialization according to each company's open innovation status.
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Initiative details

eiicon Co., Ltd. aims to create growth opportunities for startups through our project and to increase the population of startups that will become candidates for unicorn companies.

We will also operate our project by leveraging our strengths as the operator of the open innovation platform “AUBA,” including ideas, networks, and fields. We will collaborate with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and various other stakeholders to conduct open innovation events and pitch events for the purpose of fundraising.


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