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Our company was founded in 2019 with a mission focused on "AI societal implementation." We specialize in AI technology, particularly in AI image recognition, data analysis, and generative AI. We provide support to companies in various fields such as healthcare, transportation, and logistics. Building upon these achievements, in 2022, we launched the "AI Startup Studio" to support entrepreneurs who share our mission. The AI Startup Studio offers startup support services that go beyond mere financial assistance and advice; it emphasizes technical collaboration, including the implementation and validation of AI products. Together with the companies we assist, we aim to achieve our mission of "implementing AI in society.

Initiative details

Our company goes beyond just providing financial assistance. Leveraging our core strengths in AI technology expertise, development capabilities, and our founder’s own experience in startups, we support the iterative process of verification, evaluation, and improvement, striving for practicality and high precision in product releases. Specifically, we engage in activities such as developing Proof of Concept (PoC) products, assisting in PoC execution, providing funding for PoCs and market research, cultivating and introducing PoC collaborators, fundraising partners, and business partners, mentoring, and supporting participation in pitch events. Differentiating ourselves from mere financial support and advice, our primary focus is on technical collaboration, including the implementation and verification support of AI products, making us a “Specialized AI Startup Support” provider.


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